Massage of Love

...together live out the eroticizing force

Tantric Touch Massage

Our Love Massage starts with a welcome ceremony where we get to know each other.

The massage itself is an intensive body to body massage and this is performed with the whole body - the entire back area and later the front side.

For this I use beautiful warm oil, because I can glide fantastically on your body and you feel me very intensively.

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Quotation from Vergil

Tantric Girlfriend Massage

With me you experience all this like with a friend; I accompany you and take you on the journey, highly sensual, erotic, joyful, lively and above all with a lot of fun!

With me you can enjoy and live the erotic power of touch. You experience the lingam massage in several facets: with your hands, with your mouth or with your feet until the energy is ready to be released.

With a small breathing technique you can hold out for a very long time. With me you can experience hot erotic massage art with my sexy body, especially erotic, sleigh ride inclusive.

I let my supple female body glide over your body, let you taste my skin and hear my heartbeat. Our bodies rub with pleasure. Our hands touch each other gently and our senses are very close to each other.

Your skin tastes like more ... you want more! You get more! Together we cross the bridge so that the touch is awakened to new life. Only now, shortly before the climax, our fantasy, our excitement and our lust let experience the finale ... I then lie quietly in your arms again, we can open our eyes together and let our memories revive what we have experienced, satisfied and happy.

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Tenderness and kindness do not express weakness and despair, but are signs of strength and determination.

Quotation from Khalil Gibran

Tantric Maithuna Ritual

Feeling with all our senses, holistic floating in emotional freedom, up to breathtaking fulfillment ...Not the sexual climax alone is the goal of all tenderness, all our passion and our sexual energy, but the emotional   feeling together and enjoying.

The increase of your lust will take you from minute to minute more out of your everyday life and take you with you on a journey where what you have, who you are and where you come from no longer counts.

What matters is only what you feel when I stroke you with my tender hands all over your body and massage your erogenous zones artistically, lustfully and passionately, look deep into your eyes in search of your bliss and feel you deep inside me, then our deep and passionate experience begins.

No release of energy, but a steady increase in pleasure through tender touches, slow gliding into each other, artistic play with deeply hidden muscle, surrounded by warm and close intimacy and groundless floating in the moment of innermost embrace.

Maithuna is a very extraordinary ritual. There is a great closeness, familiarity and connection between us. Each Maithuna ritual is very individual and especially only for you.

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Tenderness is the resting of passion.

Quotation from Joseph Joubert