My offer includes massages, which are solely for well-being and prevention. These do not constitute a medical service and are thus not paid or subsidized by health insurance companies. There are no diagnoses made or symptoms treated. If you suffer from medical conditions in need of treatment, please consult your doctor, alternative practitioner or therapist beforehand. I offer no medical treatment, which are reserved for health professionals only!

Applications are carried out exclusively on healthy guests. If there are acute illnesses, already existing damage to the musculoskeletal system or cardiovascular diseases, an application is excluded.

Hygiene and cleanliness are a matter of course, as well as the cleaning and care of the laundry, which is taken over by a competent laundry.

If you are unable to meet an appointment, please cancel it in good time. In case of a later cancellation or if no cancellation is made, the full price of the massage or session is payable. Please arrive punctually on the agreed date, not earlier. If you are late please ask for a short message.

Appointments can be requested and booked via my website via contact form, SMS, email or WhatsApp. Please no phone calls!


In a detailed preliminary discussion we clarify together wishes, ideas and certain details regarding the upcoming massage or session. You decide if everything is consistent and therefore you would like to trustfully go into my hands.

Before and after each encounter, you can of course also take a shower, the corresponding utensils are sufficiently available. Of course, a follow-up is always part of it. A personal feedback on your part, in whatever form, would be great and I would be very happy.

Liability exclusion

If, despite expert application, consequential damages occur that are attributable to the fact that a customer does not disclose grounds for exclusion, I am released from all liability. The same applies to damages caused by the fact that an exclusion reason was not known to the customer and was not recognizable to me.

It is always the current fee list. The last fee list loses its validity with the appearance of the new one. I reserve the right to change the terms and conditions.

Document status, 1 September 2017