The nature of the encounter and attention

Encounter, affection and touch give us the strength and energy that we can use for our everyday life and our lust for life.

Loving touches lead to a direct relaxation when touching and to the release of the hormone oxytocin, which breaks down stress hormones and is associated with feelings like love, trust and tranquillity. The brain interprets such Touching as a sign of solidarity and relief from worries and problems. The centers in the brain that are responsible for problem solving relax immediately. after the touch, because the body interprets the being touched as a promise: "I will help you" - and relaxes. Gentle touch creates immediate confidence and Well being - and far more so than any form of verbal attention.

Touch is an important means of communication and creates a feeling of security and trust, in which emotional blockades are more easily released.

Close your eyes and entrust yourself to my pampering hands.