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...for unforgettable moments - Adventure experience that inspires

Massage of Love offers sheltered spaces where warm, understanding and honest interaction with each other and good intuition, respect and attentiveness form a unity. Discretion should be a matter of course for all involved!

I attach great importance to the fact that my guests remain anonymous and feel neither overheard nor observed. A generous time frame for conversations, massages and other encounters is part of the Massage of Love philosophy, because I don't want to give the impression that my guests are "dispatched". This time should not be overstrained, because I work according to fixed appointments, therefore I need time and rest to prepare myself for the next guest and the respective encounter. Please arrive punctually on the agreed date and do not ring earlier. Should you be late or not be able to make the appointment, please send me a short message.

Please take enough time to read the procedures of individual massages and encounters with all the relevant information at your leisure before making an appointment. Details on the general procedure can be found under Conditions and procedure.

Tantric Touch Massage

erotic mutual massage

Yoni/Lingam massage

body touches

  • 1 Stunde€ 110
  • 1,5 Stunden€ 150
  • 2 Stunden€ 200

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Tantric Girlfriend Massage

extremely erotic

sensitive love massage

like a girlfriend

  • 1 Stunde€ 110
  • 1,5 Stunden€ 150
  • 2 Stunden€ 200

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Tantric Maithuna Ritual

Yoga Maithuna

Movement in slow motion

the art of sexual ecstasy

  • 1 Stunde€ 150
  • 1,5 Stunden€ 200
  • 2 Stunden€ 250

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Please note that you must pay cash – we don´t accept 500 € banknotes!